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School Websites


Set your school apart.

We have many years experience working with Primary, Secondary and Grammar schools in Northern Ireland. We know what works. We can create a website unique to your school's

  • ethos
  • standards
  • branding
  • excellence

Facilities include (but are not limited to) :

  • News
  • Photo gallery
  • Calendar
  • Document repository
  • Contact forms
  • Links
  • Games
  • Location maps
  • Room booking

These facilities are all maintained by you through a simple web based administration interface.

We can also provide you with a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to allow you to extend the teaching environment on the school.

Example Sites

  • delasalle
  • highschoolballynahinch
  • inchmarlo
  • malonecollege
  • rbai
  • rbaiLibary
  • stJosephsps
  • stpatricsps



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Manage your own website content using a simple web-based interface.

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Email Marketing

We can provide the tools to connect you to your customers.

Bespoke Development

Application Development

Got an idea that requires software development?.